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Leadership is the Capacity to translate vision to reality.

The great American scholar and author Warren Bennis said this: “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

A major skill is the ability to share your vision of athe project being done or to be completed. One should be able to elucidate key aspects like:

  • Why does this project matter to this organization?

  • How does it contributes to the organization’s fortunes or failures?

  • Why the project deadline is important? Is finance a factor? Is the reputation of the company going to be marred as a result?

  • Can those who are leading the project galvanize employees of the company toward the goal.

Leadership is based on trust, it is the No. 1 attribute of all renowned leaders.

Trust generates a greater following and productivity among team members/employees. Trust does not arrive in a ready-made package; it must be earned over time and is built through commitment.

Among the key traits of an exceptional leader are humility and the ability to lead by example. He or she works relentlessly to build and earn trust. Leaders are upfront, committed, walk the talk and admit when they make mistakes.

What translation are you putting into reality.

January 20th, 2021

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